10 Toys from a Cool Kids Christmas List

I find it very frustrating to have no idea what to give someone for Christmas. I’m tired of buying scented candles and bathrobes, but yet I always find myself gifting them again and again. Fortunately there is one kind of person that I can ALWAYS find the perfect gift for – KIDS! I know what toys are in and what presents are under budget. I’m practically a toy shopping professional.  Here is a list of 10 of the most AWESOME toys all the cool kids are asking for this Christmas at $130 or less…

10. Chewbacca the ultimate co-pilot plush by furReal- this interactive plush Chewie has everything from facial expressions to more than 100 sound and motion combinations. He even responds in his native language, Wookie! Any child will surely be thrilled to find this under their tree! It’s a wee bit on the pricy side, with an average cost of about $130. 

9. LOL surprise bundle packs – if you have a young lady in your life I’m sure you’ve heard of the oh so popular LOL surprise dolls, unless you’ve been living under a rock for the past 2 years. Trust me when I tell you that this young lady in your life will be over joyed to receive any size LOL surprise pack. They range from a single surprise doll (2-4 items) for around $10 to a huge bundle pack with 60 items for around $100

8. LEGO Marvel Avengers Sanctum Santorum playset – there is no funner toy than an elaborate LEGO set. Putting LEGO sets together is something I’ve loved doing with my daughters since they were about 6 years old. It’s something we can enjoy doing together, and something they can learn from. If you have a Marvel Avengers fan to shop for this is THE toy for them. This set usually sells at about $90-$100. 

7. Fingerlings from WowWee – I have come to the realization that ALL children just love Fingerlings. Boys and girls of all ages can find a Fingerling to suit them. There are a variety of different interactive finger pets to choose from; dragons, raptors, unicorns and monkeys to name a few. Now tell me, who doesn’t want a tiny unicorn hangin out on one of their fingers? These bad boys usually sell for about $10 – $15 a piece 

6. Poopsie Pooey Puitton Slime Surprise – Honestly I just put this on here because I enjoy saying it. Ok no not really, but this plastic poo purse is FILLED with things any tween girl would be ecstatic to obtain. We are talking about SLIME here people! And don’t ALL kids love slime?? This surprise filled poo purse sells for around $65 on Amazon but the hours of entertainment it will give your tween is priceless. 

5. Marvel Avengers: Infinity War Hulkbuster Ultimate Figure HQ playset – a bit of a mouthful to say but this marvel themed playset is a BEAST. It’s a 22 inch Hulkbuster suit that unfolds into a towering 33 inch multi level Avengers Headquarters. ANY marvel fan would be over joyed to find this under their tree. Action figures NOT included. This toy will cost you about $70 on Amazon.

4. Polly Pocket Transformation Playset – it’s Polly freaking Pocket people!!! You remember Polly and her friends, don’t you?! Tiny little playsets that fold up into a tiny compact that you can keep in your pocket? There’s a slightly larger version of Polly sold with a bedroom playset and numerous other accessories or you can get the classic pocket sized playsets, there’s really something for everyone! The bedroom set costs around $30 or so while the smaller pocket playsets go for between $5 and $20. Perfect for stocking stuffers and tree worthy presents. 

3. Harry Potter’s wizard training wands – you know what the best thing about this wand is? If you get it for your kid, you’ll get to play with it too!! You can choose between Harry’s wand, Dumbledore’s wand, and Voldemort’s wand, or you can just collect all 3! It features lights and sounds and is loaded with 11 spells to learn! These won’t drain your bank account either, selling for about $25 a piece.

2. TREASURE X: Legends of treasure set – this thing looks like so much fun! It comes with a treasure map and a brick of sand that you dig through for bones and treasures. I’m pretty sure just about EVERY child enjoys a good dig, and there are several sets to choose from so don’t be surprised if your child wants to collect them all!

1. Hatchimals – HatchiBabies – Anyone who knows anything at all about toys knows what Hatchimals are, and are quite aware of how freaking awesome they are. Nurture them, love them, hatch them, cuddle them. It doesn’t get any better than that. Paired with the utter excitement of finding out whether your HatchiBaby is a boy or girl , and what species they will be, this toy is guaranteed to be a HUGE hit with the kiddos. These babies cost around $40, and are worth every penny.

Well there’s my list! Hope I’ve helped you find the perfect present for the little ones in your life!! If you have any questions or comments go ahead and drop em below! Any toys I missed? Please, let me know!


The Misconceptions of Momming

As moms we often see ourselves a certain way, a way that others would often disagree on. Some moms think they are the world’s best mom, but really need A LOT of work. On the other hand, some moms don’t see themselves as being all that great, but they possess some of the best momming skills out there. So this post is either gonna give some moms a reality bite in the ass, or show some moms that they are better than they give themselves credit.

What Momming Isn’t 

Momming isn’t about what time your children go to bed, or how many home cooked meals they eat every week. It’s not about how big and fancy your home is or how many dozens of cookies you bake every Christmas. It isn’t how much you clean, or how perfect you or your kids are.

What Momming Is

A good Mom comes in all different shapes, colors, and sizes. But one thing ties us all together, our children. Good moms love their children with the fierceness of a lioness. They would strike down all in their path to protect their children. Good moms let their children know how much they love them every chance they get. They sacrifice so much, and neglect themselves to make sure their child has everything they need. They actively try, at all times, to provide their little ones with the best life they can give them. Do you ever wonder “Am  I a good Mother?” or “Am I really doing a good job raising my babies?”… Well the answer is YES! If you actually genuinely CARE about if you are doing a good enough job says it all. All too often I see parents who straight up don’t give a crap about their kids. Out getting their nails done while their child wears clothes from Goodwill to school every day. So if you are truly doing your best, and your child doesn’t have to wonder if you care about them then YOU are a GREAT MOTHER. 

Now that you know that you are a great Mom, do me a favor? Love yourself, give yourself the credit you deserve. Don’t ever let anyone make you feel less than what you are. We are the real superheroes. Keep on doing what you do! 

Do you know a Superhero Mom? What are some of her best qualities? Let’s show all these Mommas what being a SUPERMOM really looks like! Drop your thoughts below! 

Top 10 Biggest Assholes…

We are all aware that the world has an abundance of assholes. Some assholes are worse than others. This is a list of all the WORST assholes out there and what makes them an asshole. Aside from the obvious-murderers, rapists, and people that commit child related crimes, etc…, here is my list (in no particular order) of the biggest assholes out there.

1. The people that speed around a school bus while it’s stop sign is out. They put that sign out to prevent a child from getting hit by a car. This is douchery at its finest. Assholes like this can cause a child to get hurt or killed, which lands them on my list.

2.  People that AREN’T HANDICAPPED but still use a handicapped parking spot, or use up all the handicapped grocery carts simply because they are too big or  too LAZY to walk! Get off your ass people!!!

3.  Anyone that leaves a child or a pet in a hot car for any period of time deserves to get ass raped. Who does that? If you weren’t an asshole you wouldn’t have “forgot” your child/pet in the car. You don’t deserve children. You don’t deserve pets. You do deserve a spot on the 10 biggest assholes list.

4.  Bullies of all ages. Man, woman, child-assholes breed assholes. Douche bag parents get douche bag kids. If you get off on making others feel bad about themselves then you my friend are an ASSHOLE. 

5.  Mooches. Now when I say “mooches” I don’t mean someone who asks to borrow 5 bucks now and then. I’m talking about those people that only speak to you if they want something. They ask for just about everything. “Do you have a pop I could get? Then maybe one or 2 for the road?” … “Do you have a shirt I can borrow? Literally all my clothes are dirty?” … “What about socks? Can I get a pair of socks?”… UUUGGHH! … “I’m super hungry, got any snacks?!?!?”

6. Politicians

7.  Mean people. You know, people that are always in a bad mood, walking around with a stick up their ass.  Do us all a favor and keep your crappy mood to yourself, and hmm I don’t know, maybe quit bein an asshole.

8.  Compulsive liars. Ok everyone tells a little fib now and then, and that’s perfectly fine. I’m referring to the people who lie about everything. You really can’t believe anything they say. They tell you it’s raining when it’s sunny… that they play poker with the Rock every Saturday… or that sandstorms cause hurricanes. Everything that comes out of these people’s mouths is complete and total bullshit.

9.  Anyone who thinks they are better than everyone, for whatever reason. Especially the ones who feel they are better than everyone because they are rich. Guess what? If you are reading this now – the fact that you feel you’re so much better than others is enough proof for me to see that you are no better than anyone.

10.  Thieves. The ppl that do things like steal their childs PlayStation 4 and pawn it to feed their daily addiction (gambling, drinking, heroin, etc…) Just because you are an addict doesn’t mean you shouldn’t have boundaries. 

Ok, so that’s it, that’s my list of assholes. I’m sure I may have missed a couple so if ya have a suggestion, please drop it below! Have a wonderful asshole free day! 

Why Autumn is the BEST!


Autumn is my absolute favorite time of year. Its a special time where everything from the trees to the weather feels majestic. Autumn is so special to me that I cant fully explain it. Here are my top reasons that Fall is the most amazing time of year.

  • Pumpkins. Pumpkin spice lattes, Pumpkin Pie, Pumpkin pop tarts, Pumpkin Farms, Pumpkin rolls, Pumpkins, Pumpkins, PUMPKINS!!!

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Hurricane Florence

I know you’ve lived on the east coast for like, ever, but do me a favor and DO NOT take hurricane Florence lightly. At this point, it’s looking bad, really bad. This is something YOU NEED to pay attention to. You NEED to prepare for. If you have NEVER prepared for any other storm, NOW is the time to start. This bitch of a storm is barreling right towards the Carolinas and the Virginia coast. Don’t know how to prepare for a storm of this magnitude? Here are a few ideas…   

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Unpopular Words 9-6-18

When there is a school bus in the road picking up children, or dropping them off they put their stop sign out, which should be self explanatory. To those of you who choose to ignore such signs and speed around the bus, YOU are a special kind of ignorant, and deserve a swift punch to the throat. Those stops signs are there to keep children from getting hit by a car. Don’t be a douche bag. Imagine what the world would be like without such douchery. It would be a better place.

10 Family friendly Fall activities

Nature at its finest

As I expressed in my Why Autumn is awesome post,  Fall is my very favorite time of year for a number of reasons. I’ve put together a Family oriented fall activities checklist to ensure you make the best of you Fall Family time.  Continue reading “10 Family friendly Fall activities”

Unpopular Words – September 4th 2018

Ok people, do us all a favor, sort out your cash or change or whatever the hell you pay with BEFORE you go into the grocery store, PLEASE I beg you. As someone who worked in customer service, and a busy fast moving mother, DO NOT just hand the cashier a big ole ball of crinkled ones and 5s, then dump a pile of change, and expect the cashier to sort it out. NOT COOL, my friend. And if your using a card find out your balance BEFORE you check out. It’s super duper easy, I promise! Don’t be an ass hole. Have a great day! *Mic drop*

Family Friendly games dropping this Fall!

Ok, ok, I know gaming isn’t exactly for everyone, but being part of a gaming family I can only encourage parents to give it a try. Maybe you play video games but not usually with your kids, if so, it’s time to suck it up and give it a try. Here’s a list of games coming out this fall to open the door to your family fun gaming….

Super Mario Party

Playable on October 5th, 2018, Rated E for Everyone, Exclusive to the Nintendo Switch

The newest addition to the beloved Mario Party series is slated to be a “complete relaunch”, going back to the 4 player basics, as seen in Mario Party games prior to MP 9. Also a first for the series is the incorporation of online play with an online mini-game feature. With 20 playable characters, 4 of which needing to be unlocked, and around 80 mini-game Super Mario Party would be the perfect addition to your family game night!

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And so the school year begins…

School time is just around the corner!

The sounds of crickets chirping and the cicadas singing fill the air while my daughters and I take an evening stroll at dusk. My oldest daughter sighs knowing that these sounds are an alarming indicator that the beginning of the new school year draws closer. This year things will be different. This year everything changes.

Why this year will be different

This year my 10 year old daughter enters Middle School, and I’m terrified inside. I can’t exactly let that show, because she’s even more nervous than I am. She’s going from this tiny primary school to this ginormous brand spanking new, 2 floor, 30 million dollar middle school. She’s such a shy kid, and I can’t help but worry. I know she will adjust, and she will do great.

What you can do to help…

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