10 Family friendly Fall activities

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As I expressed in my Why Autumn is awesome post,  Fall is my very favorite time of year for a number of reasons. I’ve put together a Family oriented fall activities checklist to ensure you make the best of you Fall Family time. 

  1. Visit a local pumpkin farm. Doing this opens the doors to multiple other activities to enjoy with family. Personally pick out the perfect pumpkins to put towards your night of pumpkin decorating/carving (see activity 3 😁). At most pumpkin farms there are a variety of different things to do. Gift shops, corn mazes, food vendors, farm animals, hayrides, and some even double as Christmas tree farms which can really come in handy come December.
  2. Visit a haunted attraction. If the on site spook house/haunted house is a bit too much for your little ones, or your children aren’t quite old enough, inquire about a smaller, less scary option for younger kids. A lot of these scary attractions will have a kid- friendly spook house, or spooky hay rides.   
  3. Decorate/carve pumpkins. Time to pull out those pumpkins you hand picked! Gather all of your craft supplies and paints and get to work with the little ones to see what kind of creation you all come up with! Set a theme for your pumpkins or just wing it. Find loads of inspiration on Pinterest and Google!
  4. Make some hot chocolate, topped with Halloween or festive fall sprinkles and binge watch your favorite (not so scary) Halloween movies (cough, cough Halloweentown 1-4) with the fam.
  5. Go to a football game! Whether it’s college, high school, or professional, nothing says fall fun like a chilly weathered football game.
  6. Take a fall foliage hike. I just love the crisp, cool fall air, we like to enjoy the cool evenings by taking a long walk or hike thru our local park and wooded trails.
  7. Visit a local Apple orchard. Hand picked apples are the absolute BEST! It’s super fun for kids (and adults) and makes the perfect addition to your child’s school lunches!
  8. Go to a local fall festival. The best Street festivals occur in autumn. Get to buying Christmas presents super early or buy some pumpkins and other autumn goodies to decorate your front porch or table centerpiece. Go ahead and pick up a bushel of apples while your at it! Does your town festival sell funnel cake?!  If so, GET SOME! If you don’t want it, I’ll eat it.
  9. Take a historical graveyard tour. If you can find any tours close by, come up with your own! I’m sure you can think of a super spooky cemetery you’d like to show off to the little ones (I don’t recommend bringing along toddlers, unless you’re sure they won’t be bothered by it!)
  10. Decorate for Halloween! Take those pumpkin patch masterpieces and display them throughout your home or on your front porch, let the kiddos know you’re super proud of their work! Put up some spooky lighting, put candles in your jack-o-lanterns, add some creepy skeletons (but NO dolls, for God’s sake, PLEASE, no dolls. Or clowns.), and put spider webs down the staircase. Let your freak flag fly.

Got an idea? Something I missed? Drop a comment below! I’d love to hear what Fall Fun your family has planned!

Author: Carrie

Proud Momma to 2 little girls, Zoey age 10, and Gabriella age 7. Happily unmarried to the love of my life, but in all honesty I would love to get married but refuse to do so at the county courthouse. We’ve been together for 14 wonderful years. Totally new to the blogging thing but confident I can do something great! We live in wild and wonderful West Virginia, which is a beautiful state, but has some serious issues that need to be fixed (cough, cough, opioid addiction). I believe my home state can come out on top of this mess.

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    1. That sounds great! Pumpkins aren’t quite as cheap where I go, the little pumpkins cost more than the bigger pumpkins lol. I’m working on a pumpkin decorating post as well! Thanks for checking out my post!

  1. I LOVE fall!! I can not express enough they joys that football, pumpkin patches, and Halloween bring me. I adore some of the new ideas (to me) you expressed as well. The historical graveyard tour would be interesting. I might have to give that a try. From one fall lover to another… the greatest season of the year is almost HEREEEEEE!

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