Unpopular Words 9-6-18

When there is a school bus in the road picking up children, or dropping them off they put their stop sign out, which should be self explanatory. To those of you who choose to ignore such signs and speed around the bus, YOU are a special kind of ignorant, and deserve a swift punch to the throat. Those stops signs are there to keep children from getting hit by a car. Don’t be a douche bag. Imagine what the world would be like without such douchery. It would be a better place.

Author: Carrie

Proud Momma to 2 little girls, Zoey age 10, and Gabriella age 7. Happily unmarried to the love of my life, but in all honesty I would love to get married but refuse to do so at the county courthouse. We’ve been together for 14 wonderful years. Totally new to the blogging thing but confident I can do something great! We live in wild and wonderful West Virginia, which is a beautiful state, but has some serious issues that need to be fixed (cough, cough, opioid addiction). I believe my home state can come out on top of this mess.

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